Book Review: My Mother Has Depression

My Mum has Depression

Hi. My name is Nina Mitchell. I am the mother of three boys, a qualified primary school teacher and now a first-time author. I have also suffered from depression for several years.

While being treated for depression, I have found it challenging to explain to my sons the highs and lows of this illness and what it means to them. My association with fellow sufferers has led me to the conclusion that like me, most adults also have difficulty explaining what depression is to their children.

My answer was to write and self-publish my picture book, My Mother Has Depression. It explains depression in simple words and pictures suitable for children of all ages. The purpose of my book is to provide a tool to adults so they can start the conversation with children. It would be an excellent resource for families, teachers, school guidance officers, public libraries, social workers, community aid centres, and similar aid organizations.

I have kept the price at a low $15 per copy (plus postage). This barely covers the cost. The purpose of the exercise is not to make lots of money but to offer a service to others with a similar affliction.

I am not in a position to embark on expensive publicity campaigns so I seek assistance from organizations which are concerned with the support of people with depression.

The more people recognize what depression is, the more they will hopefully try to understand the condition. Explaining it to our offspring is a good start.

I’m asking for your assistance and advice in marketing this new resource to the people who it will benefit the most and advertising where they can purchase a copy (at my website