tree lined

Spending time walking on streets lined with trees

Spending time walking on streets lined with trees, bushwalking or in gardens boosts wellbeing according to researchers in Toronto. People who share their lives with trees enjoy multiple benefits including better mental health, reduced incidence of asthma and improves health perception in ways comparable to being ‘seven years younger’, the study stated.

Researchers looked specifically at how exposure to trees affects health variables such as health perception and conditions including hypertension, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Mental health issues like major depression, anxiety, and addiction were also assessed.

The findings state, “ people who live in areas with higher street tree density report better health perception and fewer cardio-metabolic conditions compared with their peers living in areas with lower street tree density.” Residing in a tree-lined street provided benefits the equivalent to being seven years younger.

Some of the positive effects were found to be partly related to the mere visual exposure to trees and to the dry deposition of air pollutants.

That has to be enough to get moving.