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Elektra Kay
Guest Editor


What is your favourite season?
Autumn. So that it isn’t so cold that my toes freeze but its cold enough that I can wear jeans and boots.

What do you enjoy most about that season?
I probably enjoy Autumn because of the rain. The weather changes so quickly in Autumn and after a hot summer nothing is nicer than hearing the rain on my window and going outside and smelling the cool air.

Favourite dish of the season?
Ravioli. I love how there are all these different flavours and possible combinations all wrapped up in a cute little pasta pillow.

Favourite holiday destination?
In Australia – Wilsons Promontory. Located in Victoria, it’s a national park where I have touched wombats, seen echidnas and gone on some truly mindful bushwalks, with only the company of Australian wildlife.
In the entire world – Japan. I lived in Japan for 6 years when I was younger, and intend to holiday there with my family to revisit my favourite places of my treasured childhood, as well as make new memories before I embark on the next chapter of my life.

Why we would invite you to the Autumn picnic?
If there is any leftover food I will probably eat it. You wont need to repack leftovers at the end of the day.

What would you bring along?
I would bring my dogs, as well as my favourite music in case we need some beats to lift the atmosphere.

Favourite café/restaurant and why?
Yayoi – located in the city of Sydney, it is a Japanese Teishoku Restaurant with incredible food in a lovely area.

Inspirational person and why?
My most inspirational person is my older brother Peter. He had a rough period in his life where he was struggling during his teenage years. Finding out about him and that I wasn’t the only one in the family who had needed support during their teenage years was a huge help. Many people think that teenagers go through this angsty phase of hating everything and wanting to be grungy and raw, to the point that when those who are struggling need help they are not acknowledged. At first, I thought I was going through the same things everyone else did, but I discovered it wasn’t supposed to be this bad. Peter’s story of recovery pushed me to get better. He has just had his first child Charli, who is 8 months old with his 11-year girlfriend Jo. My family isn’t the talking type, so Peter telling me about his ups and downs lead me to motivate myself towards recovery and self-improvement for myself, not for the sake of others. He taught me that no matter how painful and difficult life can be, many incredible gifts lie in the future.

Aaron Taylor
Guest Editor


What is your favourite season? Winter

What do you enjoy most about that season? Rugby and cuddling for warmth

Favourite dish of the season? Curries.

Favourite holiday destination? Bali.

Why we would invite you to the Autumn picnic? Because I know how to cook a steak like a pro.

What would you bring along? Steaks.

Favourite café/restaurant and why? The Nine, Bondi. It’s delicious, colourful and healthy.

Inspirational person and why? Abraham Lincoln because he had bipolar disorder yet still achieved so much and his influence continues today.