Who’s Who

Stephen Howald


Mental Health Magazine

Stephen is a person with a mental illness. He has worked in the Mental health sector for over 20 years as a community worker. Stephen is the director of Intensive Support pty. ltd. child protection service and SUPPORT Opportunity and Care inc. mental health support service.
Stephen lives in Sydney with wife Cindy and three children.

Leeanne Barnes

leeanne barnesbindi the wonder dog

Assistant Editor (Research)
Mental Health Magazine

Leeanne is a person with a mental illness. Leeanne is an Autism awareness advocate and is currently studying community services and information technology. Leeanne is renowned as the cupcake queen of Glebe and lives with her two boys.

Roxanne Holmes


Assistant Editor (Advocacy)
Mental Health Magazine

Roxanne is a mental health advocate who promotes wellness through improved education. Roxanne is the author of her biography
“Roxanne My Extraordinary Life” and is interested in improving mental health services globally. Through the release of “The Roxanne Project ”
A major USA dramatic television series Roxanne hopes to generate positive support and improvement of Mental Health services.
Roxanne personal interests include Mindfulness, spending time with family, and her dogs.

Aloka Wylde

alokaluna& lucky smoodgiing

Assistant Editor (Mental Health Reform)
Mental Health Magazine

Aloka Wylde is a spirited woman thriving in the Inner West of Sydney with her 3 felines.
She used to work as a registered mental health nurse but now spends much time involved in mental health reform & rebirthing her creative self from the traumatised one.She has learnt much more about experiencing joy & managing psychological distress than she did in 25 years of working within the system as a professional.She loves life & is seeking a soulmate to share it with!”

Kate Pennington

small size image of kate P

Guest Editor
Mental Health Magazine

Kate has worked many years in long day care centres, pre-schools, kindergartens and managed Before and After school Centres as well as a Nanny agency. Furthering her skills, Kate studied adolescents with behavioural problems becoming a foster mother opening her home as emergency accommodation for adolescents who could no longer live at home.
Kate Pennington was abused and bullied throughout childhood, a scapegoat for others unable to cope with their own heartaches. She was bullied into homelessness, and then attempted suicide due to bullying within the workplace. People turned their backs each time she sought help. Justice never prevailed. Indeed, justice also bullied her, raping her of her privacy without her knowing, sneaking peeks at her medical records.

Kate’s story is of a woman who was bullied traumatically but refused to give up. Through perseverance and courage, she regained the strength to rise above the pain of the past. She now dedicates her life to others, motivating communities to stamp out bullying.

Kate has succeeded in building a registered charity offering free drop in centres and support groups for both teenagers and adults to prevent suicide due to bullying. A volunteer and fundraising project has also been developed within Beyond A Joke Incorporated creating a domino effect of kindness and compassion throughout communities. She created Beyond A Joke Incorporated in memory of her Brother Bruce and to assist with teenagers and adults facing bullying today.

She is an author of two books and her autobiography will be available by the end of this year 2016.
For further information website: www.beyondajokecom.au or email info@beyondajoke.com.au